We have several white cats that need homes, as soon as possible. The Kini sun is hot and burns their ears to crisps, forcing them to stay inside as it is damaging even with sunscreen. Information from Judith, a volunteer who was here in April, with more information in brackets:

Coming from Northern Europe I know that if you have a pet cat with white ears you should apply sun cream to its’ ears if you let it out on a sunny day. But until I started volunteering with I had not appreciated the plight of white-eared street cats in sunny climates. Here on the Island of Syros in Greece, the sun shines on an average of 300 out of 365 days a year. Great for tourism but a real problem for white cats whose ears (and whole faces) can get horribly burnt.

Here at Help Syros Cats we have several white cats, some that have been rescued in time to save their ears and others that have not been so lucky. They all need to be kept in the shade during the day, unless it is overcast. We let them out first thing in the morning to give them a chance to enjoy doing ‘cat things’ like sharpening their claws, chasing each other, catching small reptiles and climbing trees. Then we have to put them inside.

Tama, who sadly loves lying in the sun, has to go in a small room in the house. She came to Help Syros Cats in such a terrible state that the vet suggested euthanasia. She is so much better now but still has to endure daily ear and eye drops, which she hates. She also likes her room to be ready for her, which means two spotless litter trays in her preferred locations and no other cats sharing it with her. Anything less results in a lot of shouting followed by a dirty protest! [Tama no longer needs daily ear and eye drops. Her head and ears are still healing from being all one big scab. She cannot be in the sun at all without reburning healed parts. She is a quirky cat, who either loves or hates what you are doing and is unafraid to tell you. She has lovely, soft white fur and green eyes.]

Beverley unfortunately was not rescued in time to save one of her ears. Hydrocortisone cream was applied daily but too late to undo much of the damage. [Her ear is healing well, even if it cannot be fully returned to normal. Beverly absolutely loves getting attention from humans. She is another character cat, with one blue eye and one yellow eye and a permanent frown. She is a fairly small cat, with all white fur. Beverly does not like other cats very much, but she adores getting attention and would make a wonderful addition to your home.]

Alba was trapped in the recent TNR (trap, neuter and return) programme. She was not returned to the colony she was living in because she is white. Fortunately, despite making a trip back to her colony when she was first let out of the crate she was recovering in, she has decided life suits her better here. [Alba is a very sweet little kitty. She is petite with green eyes and white fur. Alba loves being around people and getting neck and head massages. Other kitties make her nervous, so she would be best in a home where she is the only cat.]

Donna! [Donna is another white kitty who would needs a loving home very soon. Her ears are currently undamaged, and we want them to stay that way! Donna is a sweet, sweet kitty: she is timid but loves getting head scratches. She has long white fur and green eyes. Donna does not venture out very often, and so may be best suited to being an indoor cat.]

The dream at Help Syros Cats is to build a shed and run especially for white cats. We have a concrete base already and an adjacent tree that could be incorporated for the purposes of ‘cat things’. Funding is now needed for the shed and enclosure. [Right now, we especially need homes for these kitties in a climate that does not have intense sun. Contact us if you are interested!]

Kittens have arrived at the Kini Cat Cafe! Five beautiful little ones were dumped on May 28th near the Aghios Barbara Convent outside Kini. They are remarkably clean and healthy, and are strikingly beautiful. There are four male kittens (two orange and white tabby, two tan and white tabby) and one female kitten (calico). They are currently searching for their forever homes. Please contact us if you are interested in taking one or more of these beauties or would like to learn more.

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