Syros Lavender & Our Products

We grow lavender near our houses and make lavender products. Lavender has therapeutic qualities and acts as a repellant for moths, other insects and scorpions. We have a selection of lavender bags, key rings, plastic bag recyclers and cards, which you can buy in Syros, or through this website. All our items are hand made by volunteers and fabrics and colours may vary. They are not suitable as toys for babies or young children. Our cards, which are blank inside and approximately A6 in size, feature original artwork, donated by the artists to support our work. Prices are in pounds sterling and include postage and packing within Europe. Please email us if you live outside the EU.


We have many long term residents in our Kini colony, who are too old or sick to be re-homed. They often need special care, regular medication or frequent veterinary treatment. We would welcome regular sponsorship of a small donation each month to help with their expenses.

These are some of our regulars:


Apricot and white gentle male with upper respiratory problems. He is an affectionate cat, loves a tummy rub, is very good with the other cats but sneezes a lot and needs regular low dose antibiotics and lots of food!


Probably an old man, we don’t know how old, but he’s been around for several years. He has mouth and tooth problems and needs regular dental cleaning and medication. He has had quite a few teeth removed, so enjoys a special soft food diet. He’s white with a few tabby spots and a grey tail.


A big boy, he’s had a difficult life, has lost an eye and has ongoing ear problems, needing regular cleaning and medication. He’s affectionate to humans, but not always gentle. He will jump on your lap for cuddles, but nip or claw when he’s had enough! He’s white with a few splodges of grey and has been here for a while.


A taverna cat, prefers to live in Kini, closer to the tastier food, but has regular mouth infections and needs respite care from time to time with cortisone injections, antibiotics, tooth treatment and soft food. We know when he feels better, as he wanders back to the beach. He’s white with grey markings and looks a bit battered as his pale pink ears are prone to sunburn and skin cancer.

Example costs:

  • 5 Euros a month will provide ongoing medication for one cat
  • 10 Euros a month will provide soft food for a cat who has trouble chewing cat biscuit
  • 20 Euros a month will provide food, cat litter and antibiotics for one of our needy residents
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