Controlling The Syros Cat Population

This is the only humane way to decrease the numbers of cats and reduce the population explosion to manageable proportions. Most locals, even if they believe in neutering animals are not able to afford 35-50 Euros for each cat. Many animal lovers have 20 or more cats living around their houses. The costs of feeding are high and there is no money left for neutering. Unsterilised male cats pass on Feline AIDS and Leukemia and exhibit aggressive behaviour. Unspayed females, especially those that are fed regularly, can easily produce up twelve kittens each year. Thus the problem grows exponentially.

‘Help Syros Cats’, works with local vets to trap, neuter and release cats that are living wild. Working with people who feed strays, it’s possible to manage the size of the colonies and ensure the cats have a healthier life. Early donations enabled us to buy traps, transit cages and cat carriers, so it is quick and efficient to catch the cats, thus ensuring their trauma is reduced as much as possible. All cats are kept in comfortable conditions on the night following surgery and the next day most are recovered well enough to be released. While they are sedated for surgery, they also get a health check, a shot of anti-parasite medication for worms, ticks, fleas and earmites also antibiotics if necessary.

The cost of neutering is the main expense of our business. We thank those who have already donated to our cause but we always need more. In January/February this year, we neutered 162 cats in and around our village of Kini, Syros bringing the total over the last few years to more than 800 – hard work for everyone involved – but please help us to do more.

Sterilising cats on Syros