Volunteer to Help Syros Cats

New Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our neutering programmes. It’s hard work and our ‘clients’ are not always grateful, but we welcome animal lovers, or maybe those who are training on veterinary or animal care courses.


You can stay in our tiny guest house and help with whatever tasks need doing. There’s a lot of cleaning and mucking out litter trays, but our cats need cuddles too.


It’s not realistic to come for less than two weeks and a month is better. You will need to fund your own travel costs and personal expenses, we will accommodate you and feed you and can promise you an unusual and interesting experience.

Product Manufacture

We also make craft items with a cat and lavender theme, so if you are artistic, creative or good with a sewing machine or camera and are prepared to donate your time and whatever you make to us, we would also welcome you.

Volunteer to help cats on Syros